Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Is Electric Heat the Right Option for You?

Electric Heating

While most of us are anticipating spring, there is something to be said about snuggling up in a nice warm house. But as you turn up the dial on your thermostat you should ask yourself, is your heat working for you optimally? Are you considering switching to electric heat? Or did you recently purchase a home that has electric heat and you’re unsure of the advantages?
Electric heat has several advantages. It can be controlled easily throughout your home and is typically quick to respond. From a homeowner’s standpoint, electric heat is clean and oftentimes less expensive to purchase and install. Here are some other advantages to consider if you’re thinking about making a switch or purchasing a home that already has an electric heating system.
  • Typically quieter to run.
  • Electric heat systems are safe because there is no combustion process.
  • Few moving parts.
  • Takes up less space in the home than other systems.
  • There is no chimney, so there is no off-cycle loss when the system is at rest. 
  • It can be added on a localized basis to heat specific cool areas.
  • Consistent temperatures.
  • Durability. 
  • Odorless. 

Electric Heat

Cost Effectiveness
Oftentimes electric furnaces get a bad rap for carrying an exorbitant price tag every month to heat a home, but this is not necessarily true. In fact, if you properly maintain your furnace it should be more economical in the long run. Although, upfront costs to make a switch to heat your home with an electrical unit might seem high at the time, electrical furnaces oftentimes have a much longer lifespan than gas or oil, typically units can last upwards to 20-years or more.

Lastly, electric furnaces are a solid choice because it is readily available no matter where you live. The lack of access to deliver oil and gas or the hookups to do so are sparse in some areas of the country. If you already have a home or are considering purchasing a home that already has electric service, you can take advantage of heating your home whenever you want without relying on delivery, shortages, or the influx of cost due to shortages. Wheeler’s offers free in home estimates and pay attention to detail so if you are considering a switch, contact us today.

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