Thursday, November 16, 2017

Your Furnace Broke: What you can do to Stay Warm

You wake up inside your own home and see your breath, you run to the thermostat and see that it is forty degrees in your house and the thermostat says the furnace is on. Instead of panicking and spending money at a hotel, use this guide to stay warm.


First, call Wheelers Heating and Air Conditioning.  We are available 24/7, and there is not an extra fee for after hours, holidays, or weekends. Then concentrate on getting yourself warm.

  • Wearing thin layers under your sweater and then your coat will trap in extra heat.

  • Eat and drink hot food and drinks; this will keep your internal temperature warm.

  • Use a hair dryer for parts of your body that will not warm up.
  • Move around, do jumping jacks, run in place.

  • Wrap in extra blankets, especially if you have an electric one.

Now that you are warm and you need to keep moving, work on getting your house warm again.

  • Make sure your storm windows and main windows are shut properly. You may want to add plastic to them for extra protection.

  • Is it a sunny day? Open the drapes and let the sun in during the day.

  • Close your drapes at night to keep the heat in that specific room.

  • Check for drafts near doorways. Use a towel and block the bottom of the door. You can also seal your doors with weather stripping.

  • Shut all doors to unused rooms. Doing this will stop the air from circulating as much, which will reduce heat loss.

  • Seal the heater vents, that way when the furnace does turn on, you can heat the main rooms that you are living in first.

  • Turn on the lights. Up to 95% of the light bulb's energy is heat.

  • Light candles around the room you are staying in, they are a heat source.

  • Do you have a fireplace? Light a fire and try to stay in that room the most.

Now that you have contacted Wheelers Heating & Air Conditioning at 417-839-9240, you can also email us at to schedule a free home estimate. We pay attention to every detail, and we want you and your family to stay warm throughout the year.