Monday, February 20, 2017

A Spring Cleaning is in Need for Your Home and Appliances

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Do you have a case of the “winter blues?” If yes, you are certainly not alone—it happens to countless people around this time of year. When February strikes, it seems that winter has not only lasted far too long, but that it will never end. Be assured that the end of winter is approaching quicker than you realize which means spring is thankfully around the corner!

With the arrival of spring, a multitude of challenges can present themselves in the form of harmful pollens. We are all too familiar with allergies and how they personally impact us. There are fortunately ways to combat allergies, and it often starts with the condition of your home. While keeping a clean home is always crucial, it is especially essential in the spring season to help minimize your allergy symptoms.  The best visible ways to clean your home and keep it in top condition are to scrub and disinfect products and materials where pollen can easily attach. These would include your home’s carpets, floors, and draperies. And don’t forget to pay attention to your home’s appliances—they also must be cleaned to help prevent your allergy symptoms!

A clean house is just the start to helping you fight allergies in the coming months. Not only is a thorough cleaning of your home’s floors, carpets, and draperies a strong strategy, but you must also carefully consider the condition of the air in your home. That’s where your friends and experts at Wheeler’s Heating and Air Conditioning come into the picture! Known for our reliable and affordable service, our team can expertly examine and repair your air pumps, air heat pumps, gas furnaces, and electric heating systems to get you safely through spring. On top of that, we are also proud to offer a wide variety of indoor air quality products. And the best part of all? All of these outstanding service offerings begin with a free in-home estimate!

Count on us to get you through the spring season! Be sure to contact Wheeler’s Heating and Air Conditioning for all of your Heating and Cooling repair needs! Give us a call 417-839-9240!