Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How Does Your Air Conditioner Affect Allergies?

Summer in Missouri means blooming flowers, green grass and an excess amount of pollen in the air. Unfortunately, with the August weather come the affects of seasonal allergies. Allergies can impact individuals at any age. Allergic reactions from pollen, mold and even household dust, can include itchy eyes, sneezing and runny nose, skin rashes and even breathing difficulties such as asthma.

Since indoor air pollution levels are two to five times higher than outdoor air pollution levels and we spend a good deal of our time indoors, the air quality we breathe indoors should be of the utmost importance. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system can improve indoor air quality and reduce allergens throughout the home. Take a look at what you can do to ensure your indoor air is as clean as possible:

       Replace filters. Use high-quality filters or permanent HEPA filters, which remove more than 90% of microscopic particles, drastically reducing indoor allergens. For replaceable filters, consider changing them every three months. For permanent HEPA filters, clean them or have them cleaned regularly.
       Keep your HVAC unit clean. Check your outdoor AC unit and indoor unit to make sure they are free of dust and debris. If your unit is left dusty or dirty, that debris will be sucked into the HVAC system and circulated throughout your home. Keeping your units clean will reduce allergens.
       Check for mold. Mold is one of the most dangerous indoor pollutants that can be in your home. You should be checking your air ducts, drip pan and drain, evaporator coils, and air handler every few weeks to make sure there is no mold growth. Mold spores cause allergies and in some cases if left unchecked, they cause serious illness and even death.
       Dust regularly. When dusting your home, you should dust your air registers and return vents first. If your registers and vents are dusty, then they will circulate dust to the rest of your home. And cleaning them with a damp cloth instead of a feather duster will pick up the dust rather than just redistributing it elsewhere.
       Schedule HVAC maintenance. Spring is a great time to schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment. Regular professional maintenance is important to keep your system healthy and free of dust and blockage.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies in the Ozarks and surrounding Christian County, Wheeler’s Heating & Air Conditioning can help! We provide air conditioning repair and preventative maintenance to ensure your summer is as allergy-free as possible. To schedule an appointment, visit or give us a call at 417-839-9240.