Monday, September 12, 2016

Understanding Smart Home Technologies

Today’s home technologies provide homeowners with a plethora of conveniences.  From ensuring your thermostat is set at the touch of a button from a remote location to lighting your home right when you need it, these devices are designed to save time and money. Here is a peek at five smart home technologies you might want to consider adding to your house.

1.     Smart thermostats – These handy devices ensure your thermostat is properly programmed no matter where you are. They quickly learn your preferences and adjust their settings accordingly to ensure your home is at the optimal temperature at any time of day. If your needs change, you can manually adjust the settings quickly and conveniently from your Smartphone.

smart thermostat

2.     Smart vent - Keep the temperature of your rooms consistent and reduce hot or cold spots with a vent that opens and closes based on what it senses in the environment.

3.     Window air-conditioning – The smart window air conditioner redefines what you thought you knew about window A/C units. Like other smart devices it can be set using a Smartphone application and can actually determine how far you are from home and set the temperature to be just right by the time you walk through the door. It also can sync with your utility bill and offer money saving advice based on your energy usage.

4.     Connected LED remote light bulbs – Using the power of your Smartphone, a connected light bulb allows the homeowner to turn on their lights before they walk through the door or turn them off while they are away. Combine this technology with the fact that the bulb is LED and it adds up energy savings and a longer lasting light source.

5.     Personal assistant – Much like Apple’s Siri, personal assistant technology is coming to the home technology market. Brands such as Amazon’s Echo allow homeowners to get the information they need by simply asking their smart assistant. The device can answer questions about the weather, play in home music and are becoming increasing more adaptable to other smart technologies. 

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